Create an Order

Sender creates an order, this could be an instant pickup or scheduled pickup order. Sender can enter multiple pickup locations and also multiple delivery locations. Business accounts can use the Pay-On-Delivery(POD) Service option while creating their order. The POD Service means we can help you collect cost of your goods/product(s) from your customer at the point of delivery.

Driver/Rider Accepts Order

Driver gets notification of a new order, driver is able to see picture of the item to be picked up, the pickup and delivery addresses as well. If its a delivery he/she will like to handle, he/she will accept the delivery order and proceed immediately to the pickup address specified in the order. If It's a scheduled order he/she will proceed to the pickup address at the scheduled time in the order.

Driver/Rider Picks Up Order

Driver/Rider Picks up the order from the pickup address specified in the delivery order and collects payment from the sender at the pickup location. In some cases where sender filled multiple pickup addresses, Driver/Rider picks up all the orders from all specified pickup addresses before heading to the Delivery Address also specified in the order.

Rider/Driver Delivers Order

Driver/Rider delivers package to the delivery address specified in the order created. If multiple delivery addresses were created, Driver/Rider will deliver to the addresses accordingly. Receiver confirms the PIN to Driver and if PIN is correct, then order will be delivered to the receiver. This PIN is only received to the Sender who created the order, the sender is required to share the PIN to the receiver in order for the item to be delivered successfully. Incorrect PIN = No Delivery. If POD was included in the order, Driver/Rider will request for the POD amount from the Receiver.

Order Delivery Completed

As soon as the Driver/Rider enters the correct PIN, the transaction will be completed and moved to the History section of the Envoy App. In the History section, you will find, Current, Upcoming, Completed and Cancelled Orders. Using the Envoy App is very simple and easy.